What to wear:

Dress in layers.  It always feels cold when you start, (the arena temperature averages 45-50 degrees), so dress as you might for outside weather (i.e., gloves, hat, thick socks), but keep in mind that once you get moving into the active parts of the lesson/game, you may feel quite warm so layers are recommended. Masks are required at all times for COVID safety.

What will the Learn-to-Curl (LTC) lesson include:

  • 15-20 minutes of off-ice instruction reviewing a terminology, ice safety, rules and a brief history of this exciting game. 

  • 60 minutes of on-ice instruction that includes how to throw a stone, how to sweep, how to score, and some basic game strategy.

  • 30-45 minutes of game play so you can utilize the skills you've just acquired and have a friendly competition with the other participants. 

Age and/or Health Restrictions:

Anyone age 12 and up can learn to curl.  (Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.)


Anyone with physical limitations in regards to bending, squatting or lunging will be able to deliver the stones using an alternative delivery device called a "stick."  Also, sweeping is not mandatory if an individual is unable to walk down the ice sheet while slightly bent over. We will provide complete instruction for this adaptive form of play. 

Equipment needed:

Aside from athletic (rubber soled) shoes, just bring yourself and your energy!  CurlVegas supplies all of the equipment necessary for the game of curling (stones, brooms, sliders, stabilizers).



(During Covid Pandemic)

Rule Modifications:

  • Masks are required at all times while on the ice (before, during, and after games), as well as in common areas, warm rooms, viewing stands, etc.

  • On a four person team, sweepers will alternate.  For example, only Sweeper #1 sweeps on the first throw, then only Sweeper #2 sweeps on the second throw, etc. 

  • Only one sweeper per throw.  The idle sweeper should stand in front of the hog line on the opposite side of the teammate that is sweeping. 

  • In the house - only the throwing team skip (or vice-skip) may be in the house.  The non-throwing team skip (or vice-skip) stays back at the hack until the throwing team is finished.  (Leave the house open as much as possible)

  • The skip (or vice-skip) in the house may sweep their own stone(s) anywhere in the house as long as another member of the team is not sweeping the stone(s.)  The opposition's stones may not be swept by anyone.  

  • Again, only ONE SWEEPER, even in the house.  If a stone is being swept up to the house, that sweeper must yield sweeping if the skip is going to then sweep the stone. Only one sweeper at all times - in the house or out of the house


  • Whomever has the coin for the flip should be the only one to touch the coin.

  • No "good curling" handshakes, or fist bumps. Any other non-contact wishes of "good curling" are encouraged.

  • Disinfect stabilizers before each use if being shared during a game. (Disinfectant wipes will be provided.)

  • Each player may choose the stones they will throw during the game (i.e., by stone numbers such as #1 and #2). Then, only those stones will be thrown by said player throughout all ends.

  • Do not, out of courtesy, preposition the other team's rock(s) in preparation for their shot. Only touch your team's rocks, and preferably only the rocks you shoot.

  • Only one person from each team should touch/manage the scoreboard. Usually this is the vice-skip for each team. Whomever it is, keep that same person throughout the entire game. Only post your own team's scores, do not post the other team's scores.