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Olympic Curling - CurlVegas

Project Status

To build a dedicated curling building in Las Vegas we need to achieve the following:

     1.   Find a suitable location that satisfies the size, dimensions, and lease rate needed.

     2.  Secure sufficient funds to build out the interior (walls, locker rooms, bar, etc) as well as build out the ice area.

      3.  Conduct the renovations/build out, finalize all operations and logistics, and open our doors!

What we have achieved thus far:

  • In the past year, we've looked at over 100 potential locations.  Many locations get eliminated once viewed because they are not the right dimensions (even though the total square footage is adequate); OR the landlord does not want our use in the building; OR there is not enough parking for our intended use; OR a variety of other reasons. But currently we are looking at two good possibilities that might meet all those requirements. 

  • We have secured an architect and general contractor who are giving us guidance (and estimates) as we examine each location.

  • We met our financial goal for member loan pledges. 

  • We have applied, and are in the final stages of receiving, a loan commitment from the World Curling Federation. 

  • We've secured a loan from the refrigeration company.

Current Status:

Unfortunately inflation, supply chain issues, and higher interest rates have affected the project budget dramatically.  Costs to build have caused our budget to increase by nearly 40%.  Costs for bank loans have also increased significantly because of higher interest rates.

So, while we remain diligent in our efforts, as shown in the graph, we have just over half the funds needed to complete the construction of the dedicated curling building. Thus, we're faced with the need for more fundraising, and we hope you can help.

Every contribution helps! Thank you for your support.

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