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The Coolest Sport in Vegas

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Whether you want to learn the sport, play in a league, host a celebration (birthdays, anniversaries, retirement) or have a team-building corporate event, CurlVegas is the place for you.

Ultimately, our mission is to establish a dedicated home for curling in Las Vegas. Once we have that home established, we will provide additional curling services and activities on a full-time basis to the Las Vegas community, including adults, youths, seniors, veterans and persons with disabilities. 

 A non-profit 501(c)(3) charity

What is Curling?

The best part of curling is that despite it being an Olympic-level competitive sport, it is also a sport in which almost anyone can participate: male or female, children to seniors, and even special needs and persons with disabilities. It is easy to learn, easy to play, can be played year round, and does not require expensive equipment.

Olympic Curling - CurlVegas

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