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Special Session Sign Up

Special Session Sign Up

League & Team Sign Up

This league session brings with it some great new options for forming your team:

Mega Team -- whoa, sounds intimating, but, Mega-team is simple: if you have multiple people on your team who can't make all the dates, now they don't have to lose out (fun-wise or money-wise.)   Sign up and pay for the four slots (or three if you intend to only have a team of three), then let us know the names of up to six people who may play for your team during the league.  Your extras can then easily swap out with any of the paid team players as needed. This allows you to rotate players in and out each week so that you always have a full team.   Decide amongst yourselves how the league fees get split up and square up off the ice. 

Subs --  Your team is responsible for finding subs.   Potential subs can signup at the website by going to League / Subs.

Solo Gig -- If you don't have a team -- no problem.   Just sign up and we'll find you some friendly teammates to curl with!

Pinch Hitters - if you can't make more than 3 of the league weeks, just let us know when you're available to sub and we'll do our best to set you up with a team that needs you on those dates. (Sub rates are $40.)

If you wish to be included with other specific players (and designate your team name), please fill  in the information below. 

If you are an individual player without a team, leave the team name blank below and we will find you a team! 

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