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Other Ways to Help

1.  Click the link above that corresponds to your store and log into your account. 

2.  Make sure your card number is linked to your account (under Profile).  

     (If you do not have a rewards card, you can sign up for one the next time you shop)

3.  From the account homepage (or dashboard), click Inspiring Donations / Community Rewards link (on left) and enter our designated charity organizational number:  VU138 (which is CurlVegas)

That's all you have to do. You have access to the exact same items at the exact same price.  When you shop and enter your phone number or swipe your card, a portion of your total purchase will be donated to CurlVegas. 



Click the icon/link above and log in using your account information.

Once you're on the Smile.Amazon home account page, it will ask you to designate the charity of your choice -- CurlVegas.  If you already have an existing charity designated with with, click the link at the top where your charity is   displayed, and change to the new charity, i.e., CurlVegas. 


Bookmark the page and go there (instead of traditional when ordering from Amazon.  You have access to the exact same items at the exact same price, but a portion of your purchase price goes to CurlVegas. 

Note:  We only get a donation when you make your purchase from (not

FOR SMART PHONES (click on the link below):

We appreciate your help!

Amazon smile
ebay charity

If you sell items on EBAY, you can share your profit with CurlVegas (and get reduced listing fees)!

All you have to do is choose “Make a donation” when setting up your listing

Then select “CurlVegas” as your designated charity. 

You can donate from 10 to 100% of your proceeds. Your listing will also be highlighted as benefiting a charity. The donation will automatically be sent to CurlVegas.

We appreciate your help

Good Shop

1.  Click the link above and register to create log-in and profile

2.  Choose "CAUSE" under the drop down menu from your profile name on the upper right side of the screen

3.  Place "CurlVegas" in the search bar to pull up the CurlVegas cause

4.  Click on "CurlVegas" and your cause will now be set.   We will receive a portion of the money you spend on any future

     purchases and there is no increase to your purchase price.

We appreciate your help!

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